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Spot light 791801-791812

They can be used in both the RF&RS-100,150 or 200W as well as the RF&RS-300 or 500W configurations. In addition to their excellent lighting performance, these lamps have an extremely long lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. They also meet international standards for energy efficiency and environmental impact.

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Product Description

The company mainly produces and sells: 10A, 16A, 32A marine copper connectors, nylon connectors, incandescent roof lights, navigation signals, floodlights, searchlights, fluorescent roof lights and fluorescent canopy lights and other series of products and various accessories.

791801 Flanged-Base
791802 Flanged-Base
791803 Screw-Clamp
791804 Screw-Clamp
791811 Flanged-Base
791812 Screw-Clamp
RF&RS-300, 500W
RF&RS- 300, 500W
HRF-300W,400W HR-300N,400N
HRF-300W,400W HR-300N,400N
Lamp holder:
Max Dia:
Max Length:

This product is applied to ilumination of ship, port dock, station and plaza etc.
The scope of application
Applied to ilumination of ship, port dock, station and plaza etc.
Type: 791801 Flanged-Base
Lamp holder:E26
Max Dia:150
Max Length:255 
Type:791802 Flanged-Base
lluminant:RF&RS- 300, 500W
Lamp holder:E39
Max Dia:200
Max Length:260
This lamp is applied to the illumination of ship, port dock, station and plaza etc. The type is 791801 Flanged-Base and the RF&RS-100W,150W,200W. The lamp holder is E26 and the max dia is 150mm, max length is 255mm. The type is 791802 Flanged-Base and the illuminant:RF&RS-300W,500W. The lamp holder is E39 and the max dia is 200mm, max length is 260mm.
The Flanged-Base series of 791801 and 791802 lamps are designed for a wide range of applications, including the illumination of ships, ports docks, stations and plazas.

We are able to design and produce lamps and electrical products with special requirements for our customers, etc.

Our company is located in QingGang Industrial Yuhuan County Taizhou City Zhejiang Province. Our company has strong technical research and development team, completely producing facilities, advanced manufacturing technology, rigorous testing methods and scientific management system! And our pledge is “QUALITY IS OUT CULTURE”!

As a OEM Spot light 791801-791812 Suppliers and ODM Spot light 791801-791812 Company, all of our products has passed the national third party product quality certification. Besides we can also customize the special marine lights according to the request of our customers, electrical appliances and so on. We always adhere to the mature technology as the guide, pursue the quality of survival, make good reputation brand as the goal, to meet customer requirements for the purpose. All in all, Yuhuan Huaji Marine Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd has committed itself to develop more and more “high quality”products to meet the domestic and foreign markets! Creating a brilliant future for the ship industry and its consumers.

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Yuhuan Huaji Marine Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Yuhuan Huaji Marine Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is a professional Spot light 791801-791812 suppliers and other marine electrical products. Our company has served the marine industry for more than ten years, and all products have passed the national third-party product quality certification. As a Spot light 791801-791812 suppliers, we Spot light 791801-791812 suppliers and other products to many countries and regions in the world. The company has always been guided by mature technology, aiming to meet customer requirements, and is committed to developing more and more "high-quality" products. To meet domestic and foreign markets! Create a better future for the shipbuilding industry and its consumers.

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