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  • Marine Spot Light

    TG5, TG19, TG7, TG8, TG17-A, TG20, TG27 28 lever, TG28, TG28-A, TG28B, TZ150-LA The marine spotlight is definitely your best choice. It has a super strong light source that can illuminate a narrow are...

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  • Marine Pendant Light

    JCY22-2EF、JCY23-2EF、JCY24-2EFThe marine fluorescent chandelier has the characteristics of soft light, heat resistance, waterproof and so on.The soft light is suitable for decoration of the dining room...

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  • Marine Ceiling Light

    JPY20-2, JPY21-2, portable lamp CSD5, fluorescent mirror front light CBD17-C, fluorescent aisle light JBY20-1 Marine fluorescent ceiling lights are easy to install and can provide better lighting.If y...

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  • Marine Search Light

    The marine searchlight is equipped with high-strength tempered glass and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, strong focusing effect and long range.  The marine searchlight has a s...

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  • Marine Navigation Signal Light

    CXH-1D, CXH-3, CXH-3P, CXH-10B, CXH-11P, CXH-21P, CXH-101P, BSW9812, CXD8, CXH5-1, CXH17, chart light CHT4 The nautical signal light is a very important tool for ships. It can transmit information thr...

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  • Marine Sea water desalination machine

    Seawater is a source of drinking water for many people around the world. However, the salt content in seawater makes it difficult to drink directly. With the development of technology and science, it ...

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Walk into the Huaji that we understand differently
Yuhuan Huaji Marine Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.Has been servicing the marine industry for more than ten years. Our company is located in QingGang Industrial Yuhuan County Taizhou City Zhejiang Province. Is a

Custom marine electrical appliance manufacturers and marine electrical appliance suppliers

, Our company has strong technical research and development team, completely producing facilities, advanced manufacturing technology, rigorous testing methods and scientific management system! And our pledge is “QUALITY IS OUT CULTURE”!
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Marine copper connectors, nylon connectors, incandescent ceiling lights, brnavigation lights, flood lights,
searchlights, fluorescent ceiling lights, fluorescent ceiling lights and other products.

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Each of our solutions is designed and produced according to customer requirements,
and will serve you according to your needs.

  • Technology R&D team

    Design and produce lamps and electrical products with special requirements for customers.

  • Production facilities

    The company has always been guided by mature technology to meet customer requirements as its purpose.

  • Rich products

    The company produces dozens of types of accessories to meet the needs of all kinds of lamps in the shipbuilding industry.

  • Test methods

    Survive by quality and create brand with reputation as the goal.

  • Management system

    Science, not just relying on experience; harmony, not cooperation; cooperation, not individualism.

  • Quality after-sales

    The company always adheres to the goal of creating a brand with reputation to meet customer needs.