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  • Marine Copper Connector

    0A copper plug, 10A copper socket, 10A copper junction box, 10A copper switch, 10A copper switch with socket, 16A 250V, 16A 380V, indicator switch, copper with interlock switch CZKLS2-2 Marine copper ...

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  • Marine Nylon Connector

    CZKS, CZS, HS, IEC standard waterproof, JXS, Z-2M, ZM, 792701, 792902, CTF2-2, CTS 101-3, CZF2-2, CZF2-3, CZKF 2-2, CZKF 2-5, CZKF2 -4, CZKF3-2, HF4-1, HF2-2, HF3-1, HF4-1, J-1M, J-2M, JXF4-1, JXF4-2,...

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  • Marine Water Purifier

    The marine water purifier is a device that can effectively filter the pollution in the water, purify the water resources, and ensure the health of the water resources. The marine water purifier can b...

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  • Marine Sea water desalination machine

    Seawater is a source of drinking water for many people around the world. However, the salt content in seawater makes it difficult to drink directly. With the development of technology and science, it ...

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  • Marine Brass Plug

    The marine brass plug can make the circuit connection unobstructed, and the surface of the brass plug is coated with an anti-corrosion layer, which has good corrosion resistance and long service life....

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  • Marine Light

    We are here to help you find the right marine light for your boat! There are many classifications of marine lights, including bedside lamps, ceiling lights, chandeliers, signal lights, spotlights, flo...

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Yuhuan Huaji Marine Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.Has been servicing the marine industry for more than ten years. Our company is located in QingGang Industrial Yuhuan County Taizhou City Zhejiang Province. Is a

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, Our company has strong technical research and development team, completely producing facilities, advanced manufacturing technology, rigorous testing methods and scientific management system! And our pledge is “QUALITY IS OUT CULTURE”!
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Each of our solutions is designed and produced according to customer requirements,
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  • Technology R&D team

    Design and produce lamps and electrical products with special requirements for customers.

  • Production facilities

    The company has always been guided by mature technology to meet customer requirements as its purpose.

  • Rich products

    The company produces dozens of types of accessories to meet the needs of all kinds of lamps in the shipbuilding industry.

  • Test methods

    Survive by quality and create brand with reputation as the goal.

  • Management system

    Science, not just relying on experience; harmony, not cooperation; cooperation, not individualism.

  • Quality after-sales

    The company always adheres to the goal of creating a brand with reputation to meet customer needs.