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What are the types of light sources used by lamps?

According to the type of light source used by lamps, it can be divided into:
1. Incandescent lamps. Incandescent lamps emit light by heating the filament to an incandescent state by current. The light efficiency increases with the increase of the working temperature of the filament, but the subsequent evaporation is accelerated and the lifespan is shortened. This type of light source has low luminous efficiency and a rated average lifespan of 1000H.

2. Fluorescent lamps. The fluorescent lamp is a low-pressure mercury vapor discharge light source, and its lamp tube structure is mainly composed of a lamp cap, a hot cathode and a glass tube coated with fluorescent powder on the inner wall. The fluorescent powder in the lamp tube emits visible light under ultraviolet radiation. The hot cathode is tungsten filament coated with heat-emitting electron material. After the tube is evacuated, it is filled with mercury vapor with extremely low pressure and inert gas argon. Due to the different fluorescent powder coated on the inner wall of the tube, the fluorescent lamp can be divided into daylight color, cool white, white and warm red. The luminous efficiency of fluorescent tubes is high, and the service life is 2000~3000H.

3. Halogen tungsten lamps Halogen tungsten lamps are also heat radiation light sources. It is filled with a small amount of halide in an incandescent light bulb or lamp tube made of hard glass or quartz glass. Using the principle of halogen tungsten cycle, through halogen as a medium, the filament will be The tungsten evaporated and attached to the inner wall of the glass tube is transferred back to the filament, thereby improving the luminous efficiency and service life of the halogen tungsten lamp, and the volume is much smaller than that of the folded incandescent lamp, so it is widely used as car headlights and TV, photography, shops Lighting for shop windows, theater stages and dance halls and other places. According to its shape, it can be divided into tube-shaped tungsten halogen lamps, single-ended tungsten halogen lamps, concentrated tungsten halogen lamps and closed-shaped projection tungsten halogen lamps. Other high-intensity gas discharge lamps, other light source lamps LED. They come in different colors and different brightnesses, so they are used in different places. For example, energy-saving lamps are highly energy-efficient and may be more suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, while incandescent lamps are more suitable for bedrooms.