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Round Dimmable Spotlight -TG7

The TG7 is a 450W, self-ballasted mercury bulb that provides 11000 lumens of light. It can rotate for 100* horizontally and adjust upside 90*,down 45"angle. The lampshade is transparent toughened glass, the reflector is plate by chrome with high reflection efficiency. It's suitable for ilumination of ship, port, dock, station and plaza etc.

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Product Description

The company mainly produces and sells: 10A, 16A, 32A marine copper connectors, nylon connectors, incandescent roof lights, navigation signals, floodlights, searchlights, fluorescent roof lights and fluorescent canopy lights and other series of products and various accessories.

Type: TG7
Voltage: DC110V  AC220V
Power: 450W
Lamp holder: E40
llluminant: GYZ450  Self- ballast  mercury bulb
Lm Luminous flux: 11000
Material: Steel
Protection class: IP55
Cable outside diameter: Φ10-Φ12
Weight: 12.5kg

The TG7 LED lampshade is made of transparent toughened glass with a high-efficiency reflector plate. The light body can rotate for 100* horizontally and adjust up or down 90°—plus it rotates 360° horizontally. You can also tilt it 45° downward. It's ideal for illuminating signs or walls at an angle from above.
The TG7 LED lamp uses DC110V or AC220V electricity and has a power rating of 450W with an E40 lamp holder and GYZ450 self-ballast mercury bulb as its illuminant. It has a luminous flux of 11000 lumens, which translates into excellent brightness for any application!
The TG7 is a high-quality, halogen light fixture designed for use in ship, port, dock, station and plaza illumination. It features a transparent glass shade and a chrome-plated reflector for maximum reflection efficiency. The light body can rotate for 100* horizontally and adjust upside 90*,down 45" angle.The lampshade is made of toughened glass, which provides optimal protection against breakage in the event of an accident. The lamp holder is an E40 socket, which can fit a number of different self-ballasted mercury bulbs.
The TG7 has an IP55 rating, meaning it's suitable for use in environments where water splashing is possible (for example, on ships). This fixture comes with a power cable that measures 10 to 12 mm in diameter.The TG7 weighs 12.5 kg and measures 930 x 430 x 350 mm (L x W x H).

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Yuhuan Huaji Marine Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is a professional Round Dimmable Spotlight -TG7 suppliers and other marine electrical products. Our company has served the marine industry for more than ten years, and all products have passed the national third-party product quality certification. As a Round Dimmable Spotlight -TG7 suppliers, we Round Dimmable Spotlight -TG7 suppliers and other products to many countries and regions in the world. The company has always been guided by mature technology, aiming to meet customer requirements, and is committed to developing more and more "high-quality" products. To meet domestic and foreign markets! Create a better future for the shipbuilding industry and its consumers.

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